Let The Menu Do The Talking

Too often, a make or break critique of a restaurant is focused on a single random experience that often does not reflect the restaurant’s overall food or point of view, let alone describe what is actually on the menu. The prevailing search sites – and there are many – rely almost exclusively on customer reviews to list, rate and rank restaurants.

More often than not, those reviews are limited to a description of the cranky waiter, the dirty glass, or of a succulent dish that is alas no longer on the menu. While this approach obviously has its merits, and knowing a restaurant’s overall reputation is certainly germane, diners trying to choose a place to eat are thwarted by not knowing the most basic information a restaurant needs to put forth… what is actually being served.

On the rare occasion a menu is provided on these search sites, it is usually an outdated generic abstract highlighting just a few dishes . What it cannot convey is what the current menu is offering, how it is prepared, how much does it cost, what are the ingredients, does the restaurant have options for finicky kids, ravenous carnivores, or strict vegans… are there weekly or seasonal specials?

As important as it is to know if the food is good, it is just as important to know what the food is! That information can really only be conveyed in the original current restaurant menu which is, when all is said and done, the embodiment of the establishment. It provides the content and conveys the atmosphere. Sophisticated or casual, self-important or humorous, how much attention is given to detail, language and pairing of ingredients… important considerations for many diners. A restaurant’s menu is its best advertisement, and it is our hope that by creating Mostly Menus, we are providing diners with an inspired way to search for the perfect dish, and the perfect dining experience.

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