Chowing Down in Santa Fe

As many of you know, MostlyMenus started in the great city of Santa Fe, New Mexico. But why Santa Fe, you ask? Isn’t it just hot and dry there? Well, yes, but there’s so much more!

Not only is it the oldest capital city in what is now the United States, a UNESCO-designated Creative City, and the best small city to visit (with your dog!), it’s recently been rated a top foodie city by

What makes a city for foodies? The combination of cultural and culinary creativeness. The bold Southwestern flavors that headline the city lend themselves to be molded and shaped into innovative and fresh dishes by the city’s leading chefs.

This innovation draws more talent and soon you have a city where delicious food begets more delicious food. A gastronomic renaissance, if you will.

So now, here you are, stuck at home on a Friday night with a plethora of choices, and you’re on the cusp of going from hungry to hangry – how do you choose where to go?

Googling “Santa Fe Food” will serve you lists upon lists of “top 10/50/foodie/trendy” restaurants, dozens of review sites that are impossible to count on, and stock photography of delicious empanadas (which isn’t making your stomach growl any less).

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one place you could go and get an at-a-glance survey of all of these amazing choices? We thought so, and that’s why we created MostlyMenus – and that’s why we call Santa Fe home. But there are many more foodie cities with different tastes, but the same problem and we hope to be a resource for your city soon!

Think your city could benefit from MostlyMenus? Drop us a line!

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